Saturday, December 22, 2007

1,000's of Files to Rename - 1 Easy Solution

Surprisingly, one of the biggest time savers for a 3d artist working with lots of image sequences doesn't actually have anything to do with the tools in 3d package the files are rendered from. A simple task like renaming a file becomes quite a pain when the exact same thing needs to be done to hundreds or even thousands of his brothers and sisters - doubly so as the project progresses and names need to change again and again to accommodate all the different software requirements and users' needs.

There are various renaming utilities out (for free or a fee) from several different developers. For content creation related renaming on Windows, I recommend Denis Kozlov's ReNamer, which you can find here...

I've been using this for about a year and haven't had renaming task that it couldn't handle or come across any bugs whatsoever. For being extremely functional, stable and costing a whole lot of nothing, I have yet to find a better deal.

Happy Holidays!

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